Activity Highlights

1. From Urban to Rural :- NGO Capacity Building : Under the programme urban to rural, GAP selected 28 grassroots NGOs from Amreli, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Patan, Anand, Nadiad, Ahmedabad, Panchmahal and these NGOs have attended skill building workshops. During the period 2001-2002, all these NGOs have started their intervention programmes. These programmes are with youth, adolescent, women, unorganized labour force, organized labour and the fishermen community.

2. Young People :- Young people, as always, remain as the target group for HIV/AIDS/STDs awareness programmes. This includes the school drop-outs from different slum areas of Ahmedabad - who took part in different awareness programmes and some of the selected youth were trained as Peer Educators (PE). 30 Peer Educators were trained from all the intervention sites and 2224 youths were contacted.

3. National Social Service (NSS) programme:- GAP took part in three NSS programmes and addressed the students from different rural areas of North Gujarat University, Gujarat Vidyapith, Nardipur, M.B. Patel College, Vallabh Vidyanagar and at Meghraj. 43 professors/ lecturers and 336 students attended these programmes.

4. School Intervention Progamme :- GAP worked in 30 schools from Nadiad, Anand and Ahmedabad districts. 2373 students took part in the programme. The highlights of this year's school programme was : The skilled peer educators, both from the students and the teachers conducted the classroom intervention with the support of GAP facilitators. Teachers took active interest in the execution of the programme. This is an indication of the sustainability of the programme in schools.

5.Training Programmes Organized by GAP :-
*21 students of the B.M. Institute of Ahmedabad attended two workshops on Counselling skill development training in the field of HIV/AIDS.
* Health professionals - 20 general practitioners from different areas of Ahmedabad took part in a one day workshop on HIV/AIDS. Special attention was given on the clinical manifestations of HIV/AIDS and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)

6. NGO Linkage Programme :- Child line is a telephone counselling and information dissemination service - where youth volunteers are working. A workshop was organized to help volunteers develop their communication skills in the field of HIV/AIDS/STDs. A small workshop, organized by Sarjan, was conducted by GAP, where 17 boys and 6 girls ( young people )of the street and community were shown a film and they also received information on HIV/AIDS

7. In-House Training Programmes :-
Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT): A training on Pre and Post test - counselling skills development was imparted to GAP staff with the objective of equipping them for voluntary counselling and testing services.
b. Monitoring and Evaluation : GAP staff took part in a training workshop on monitoring and evaluation : techniques and tools.

8. Empowerment of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
Through monthly and weekly meetings, PLWHA are empowered to understand and find out their needs in life and of their rights.
b. Through income generation activities (IGA) People living with HIV/AIDS are helped in developing skills through vocational training.

9. Care and Counselling:- 321 PLWHA are newly registered with GAP this year . Altogether 830 PLWHA are registered with GAP.

10. Home visits :- GAP volunteers are rendering home visits/services to those who cannot reach the counselling center.

11. Prevention of Mother - to - Child - Transmission :- In this new service, GAP has counseled 3 pregnant women in respect to the prevention methodology and has helped them in getting ARV, and all of them have been given information in respect to breast feeding.

12. Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) :- This is another new service launched by GAP. Through an active campaign in different areas, GAP reached the unreached and gave information about voluntary counselling and testing. 35 people attended the VCT camps and availed the testing services.

13. Medical Consultation Service for AIDS Patients :- GAP has launched medical consultation services for AIDS patients who are clinically examined and advised by the AIDS specialist, who visits GAP center, once in every month. This consultation service is available free of cost to the AIDS patients.

14. Jail Programme :- The Central Jail (Sabarmati) authority organized six training workshops on HIV/AIDS for the Jail staff. 107 trainees from all over Gujarat attended these workshops.

15. Unorganized Workers :- GAP is working with the unorganized workers like masons, carpenters and plumbers for the last 5 years. There are four pockets in Ahmedabad city where these workers assemble for their labour assignments, and, at these centres GAP volunteers intervene and extend services, which include information on HIV/AIDS/STDs, syndromic detection of STDs and referral to clinics for treatment and condom distribution. 3364 people have been contacted during the last year.

16. Organized Sector :- Gujarat state Transport Corporation : GAP with the help of State Transport Corporation , organized awareness and essential service delivery programme (STD detection and treatment and condom distribution) to technical staff, drivers and conductors. GAP visited 4 service centres and 573 staff members of the State Transport Corporation attended the workshops.

17. Advocacy :- GAP is re-visiting the city's blood banks, pathology laboratories and general practitioners to give the message about HIV/AIDS/STDs and also informing them about the different services available at the GAP centre, like Counselling, Income Generation Activities, Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT), and Free Medical Consultation for people living with HIV/AIDS.

18. Campaign - Women's Empowerment :-
Microbicides - GAP is a partner of the Global Campaign for microbicides and prevention options for women. The Indian chapter is working to promote the awareness and community preparedness for microbicides and also for channelizing the funds for research in the field.
Female Condoms- GAP is also working for access to the Female Condoms at a cheaper rate in co-operation with the Female Health Company - UK.

19. Safer Blood Supply to the Community :- Since the last 12 years, GAP is working on safer blood supply to the community through 2 components 1) Vigilance on commercial blood donors(CBDs) so that the trade of selling blood does not start again in the city. In this respect122 ex-commercial blood donors were contacted during the year. 2) Motivating the youth to become voluntary blood donors.

20. Reaching the Outreach :- The Commercial sex workers of three cities, Ahmedabad, Modasa and Vadodara are in touch with GAP's outreach workers. 137 commercial sex workers are regularly getting condom supply from the GAP programme. Some of these workers are already participating in the pilot study on the use of the female condom

21. Open House :- Every month GAP organizes an "Open House Day" - where people can drop in and interact with GAP staff and understand the different activities carried out by GAP. Discussion, film shows and exhibitions are also organized, 64 people took part in the Open House activities during the year.

22. Healthy Highway Project (HHP) :- Since April 2001, the project is supported by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society(GSACS)/Project Support Unit (PSU). Since last December (2001), the project has restarted a need assessment study and the Targeted Intervention has been stopped for this purpose. During the first 9 months of the project, 66,951 drivers and cleaners have been contacted.

23. Cruise/Safar :- Through this very innovative project, GAP reaches the rural areas of Gujarat with information on HIV/AIDS. Outreach workers move around the market place and travelling joints and halt points, where through personal communication and group meetings, they disseminate information on HIV/AIDS/STDs. During the year 9775 people have been contacted through this programme.

24. Resource Center :- GAP has a well maintained resource center where books, magazines of local and international publications are available, which are widely referred by interested audience and research workers. Through internet service, constant up-grading of HIV/AIDS information has been collected & utilized by the organization. 170 video cassettes, posters from different countries are available and are often borrowed by different NGOs and institutions.

25. Publications and IEC Materials :-
* A set of 4 posters on the World AIDS Day Campaign theme "I care.... Do you?" have been published * Reprinting of Hetal's story - a book on HIV/AIDS for students of Std VIII.* Video Casette : 'Living positively - story of Laxman Meena."*Illustrative booklet on HIV/AIDS in Hindi and Gujarati Stickers - Triple function of the condom * Book on Questions and Answers on HIV/AIDS/STDs

26. World AIDS Day :- Each year, GAP organizes events with its partners. This year, a four week programme was organized in Ahmedabad and rural areas of Gujarat. GAP and its partners made posters, leaflets and held exhibitions, seminars, rallies, essay competitions, debates and street plays. 44 programmes were organized in Ahmedabad and 22 programmes were held in different districts of Gujarat.

27. Abhiprayas :- Abhiprayas is the Income Generation Activity (IGA) wing of GAP, where People living HIV/AIDS and other marginalized groups are engaged and help themselves in generating some income . These handicrafts are sold through different outlets.

28. Inter Sectoral Collaboration :- GAP and Gujarat Government The department of family welfare, Ministry of Jail and Ministry of Surface Transport are the agencies who are collaborating with GAP in bringing awareness on HIV/AIDS. Gujarat StateAIDS Control Society is funding the Healthy Highway Project of GAP.

29. Earthquake Support :- Mandarki is a small village in Rajkot district, where GAP is extending its support for rehabilitation. In the first phase, keeping with the demand of the community, GAP helped the village people to install a hand pump for drinking water. This programme is being supported by donations from Japan, USA and Health & Environment Public Charitable Trust, India

30. Seminars, Meetings, Conventions, Conferences, Exhibitions and Fairs:-
Rural Enterprise Summit - CII - 1st to 4th November, Sanskar Kendra Paldi
o 6th ICAAP - EXHIBITION CENTRE - Melbourne - 4th to 9th October 2001

· Attendance and presentations at Indian and International Programmes
Common Wealth Programme for Youth Awareness - January 2001- Chandigarh- India
o 5th National Convention of Indian Network of NGOs - February 2001 - Ahmedabad - India
o UNGASS:- National Consultation Meeting 16th May New-Delhi
o Need for women controlled HIV Prevention Methods - Indian Planned Parenthood Federation - IOWA - USA - 5th & 6th June 2001
o United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS - New York - 25th to 27th June 2001
oIndo Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development - AIDS programmes in India - Amsterdam - 27th to 30th June 2001
oInternational Advocacy Meeting - Global Campaign on Microbicides and Preventive Options for women -Washington - 29th June to 1st July 2001
oWorkshop on Advocacy for Antiretroviral treatment - Wuerzburg - Germany 27th to 29th August 2001
oWorkshop on Reproductive Health Programmes - Bangalore - MacArthur Foundation- 24th to 29th September 2001.
o6th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and Pacific - Melbourne - 5th to 10th October 2001
oInternational Conference on Home and Community Care for PLWHA -Chiang Mai - 17th to 20th December 2001
oAsia Pacific Workshop on AIDS Advocacy for AIDS Educators, activists from NGOs and People living with HIV/AIDS 21st and 22nd December 2001

Thanks to your generosity
GAP is grateful to BILANCE, MEMISA, London Lighthouse, UK National Lottery, European commission, CORDAID, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, DFIDI, Dr. Steve Kerkez Foundation, UNICEF, Swiss Youth Fund, Health and Environment Public Charitable Trust, Shri Mahesh Bhogilal Memorial Charitable Trust, Shri Gijubhai Shukla Charitable Trust and many other individuals from India and abroad.

32. We Need Volunteers
We appeal to individuals to become voluntary members of this organization and help us in carrying our work forward.



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