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  • 8th National Convention of Indian Network of NGOs on HIV/AIDS

Theme: Vulnerability, Stigma and Discrimination:

What has changed since 1994?

Dates: 22nd to 24th February  2004

Venue: Ganna Sansthan Auditorium, Lucknow

Local organizers - Mr. Arif Jafar- Regional Director - Naz foundation International,

9 Gulzar Colony, New Berry Lane,Lucknow - 226001, U.P.



INN Secretariat : B 01 Siddhachakra Apartments,

Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad 380 006.

Phone:+91 79 26575282, Fax: +91 79 26575962,

E-mail: inn94@icenet.net

SCOPE AND PURPOSE The Meeting will bring together representatives from all the member agencies, including management and field staff, as well as provide access to a number of technical experts. It will enable intensive networking among these NGOs, as well as skills and information sharing. Several capacity building workshop will be conducted towards enhancing service delivery skills to  the participating NGOs.


The 2004 convention will explore the need for social justice in respect to denial,  vulnerability, care and treatment by strengthening the advocacy and lobbying, which is  so essential for sustaining intelligent priorities for  care and protection of  HIV/AIDS patients and their families and all the other vulnerable.


Download Short Report - 8th Nattional Convention of INN
  • Training & Meetings
  • International Women's Day - Meeting - Shantipura ; Nehrunagar (Hatkeshwar) ; Gomtipur
  • Workshop on AIDS Awarenesss for Medical Technologists - March 15 - 22, 2004
  • Meeting with Peer Educators - Narol - Men's Responsbility in the mitigagion of HIV/AIDS/STI
  • Meeting -people living with HIV/AIDS - March 19, 2004
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing - 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.



B 01 Siddhachakra Apartments, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad 380 006

Phone: +91 79 26575282 Fax: +91 79 26575962

email: gapisrcdeindia@gmail.com