Training Programme
  • Basic Counselling Skills Development Training ( 4 Days )
  • HIV/AIDS Counselling Skills Development Training ( 4 Days )
  • Supervisory Training ( 3 Days )
  • Prevention from Mother to Child Counselling Training ( 3 Days )
  • Advanced Counselling Skill Development ( 4 Days )
  • Voluntary Counselling & Testing ( 2 Days )
  • Communication Skills Development on HIV/AIDS ( 4 Days )
  • Sex & Sexuality ( 4 Day )
  • STI / STDs / RTIs ( 2 Days )
  • Reproductive & Sexual Health & Rights for Adolescents ( 4 Days )

 Educations adolescents and youth
Through the school intervention programme, GAP is helping in raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and sexual health among adolescents within and outside the school system. Teachers are also being trained to carry out the sexual health education programme with GAP.GAP raises awareness of HIV/AIDS and sexual health, the adolescents in the community and urban slum areas and also for street children and prepares peer educators in the community too. Parents and the community residents take tremendous interest in such programmes.

 Alternative income generation system
GAP has set up an alternative income generation system of marginalized groups and for PWHA and family members, this wing of GAP is known as Abhiprayas.

 Networking with other NGOs
GAP has an extensive networking service with local, national and international NGOs working on HIV/AIDS The Indian Network of NGOs (INN) working on HIV/AIDS is a national organization and was established in November 1994. The activities include annual conventions, training and capacity building, information dissemination through news bulletins,advocacy - lobbying, working on the rights of PWHA, networking with other NGO forums working in different fields, research, documentation and protecting the rights of the vulnerable groups.

 Safer blood supply to the community
GAP influences commercial blood donors to abandon this hazardous occupation and enter into alternative income generation systems. At the same time, GAP is moving a young, healthy generation to become voluntary blood donors.

 Community Mobilization
Urban to rural cruise or Safar (while one travels)This is an innovative approach to reach the un reached and also access the rural population from the urban centers. Outreach workers move about market place of the city and at traveling centers and halt point, where through interpersonal communication and group meeting information dissemination on HIV/AIDS is being give. STD patients are beingidentified through syndromic approach and counselled for availing treatment.

 Unoranized sectorz
Outreach work for Commercial Sex Workers and MSM : GAP is in constant touch with outreach marginalized group like CSW and MSM through its network of outreach social workers and respective peer educators.

 Capacity Building
GAP is working in 8 districts of Gujarat and has identified NGOs and is helping them in their capacity building for talking up programmes on HIV/AIDS at the district and taluka level. Training programmes for Teachers, Laboratory technicians, counsellors and other NGO representatives.

 Working with prison inmates
Jail Intervention Project on Health and Quality Life Education: Prisons in fact are not cut from the world outside. Most Prisoners leave prison at same point to return to their community after a very short time inside. Some prisoners enter and leave prisons many times. GAP has worked with 4250 inmates along with 300 staff members of 19 jails in Gujarat This project has been an intersectoral collaboration between GAP and the Government of Gujarat.