What is ISRCDE

International Society for Research on Civilization Diseases and on Environment (ISRCDE), which was founded in 1972 in Luxembourg. This is an association of scientists and practitioners from various fields of expertise. From the beginning, ISRCDE was concerned with the problems of environment and life style, with actual and future conditions of human life, and with problems related to human nutrition, eco toxicology and mental health in modern society. Its major objectives are not only to explore disturbances and hazards in human environments, but also to devise feasible solutions to these problems. ISRCDE India, with its head office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat was established in 1984 and is working on the same charter.

Welcome to GAP-NGO

GUJARAT AIDS AWARENESS & PREVENTION UNIT: (GAP) is a unit of International Society for Research on Civilization Diseases and on Environment, (ISRCDE). ISRCDE is a non- governmental organization registered under Public Trust Act 1950 & Societies Registration Act 1860 F 1429, Ahmedabad.

GAP's Mission

GAP is a first lead non -governmental organization for people and other organizations in the field of HIV/AIDS and sexual health. It works to raise the information level and awareness of HIV/AIDS and sexual health, influence attitudes, opinion, policy, prevention and professional practices and Collaborating with other organizations of India and abroad, GAP aims to create an understanding towards all those affected by HIV/AIDS.

GAP's Activities

The center was opened in May 1989. It has been a basic tenet in all the Unit's work that we aim for a holistic model of working in which strategy development, community work, material production, training and development and counseling and care are the major thrust areas. Work is undertaken with a wide range of statutory agencies and voluntary and community groups in many districts of Gujarat and GAP has links with many relevant organizations regionally, nationally and internationally.

Director's Desk .

Late Dr. Radium Bhattacharya Dalwadi

(Founder member and Ex. Executive director of the GAP-ISRCDE)

 A scientist of great repute on the subject of Physiology in which she had PhD from Kolkata University and persuaded post-doctoral in Chronobiology from sorbonne university, Paris. Member of International Society for research on civilization Diseases and on Environment - Brussels. With this charitable organization she would like to take initiatives on educational healthcare and capacity building for the people living with HIV-AIDS Since 1989.

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Executive director'sDesk .

Parmanand Dalwadi

(Current Executive director)

 GAP was part of me, since its inception but not active as Dr. Radium Bhattacharya was its founder director. I was active in the year 2010, and continue till today. I had also visited many countries for the HIV-AIDS congress and got myself involved for day to day affairs. GAP is doing very well and I am part of it as director.

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Become a Volunteer

We appeal to individuals to become voluntary members of this organization and help us in carrying our work forward.

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Adopt a Child

You can make lasting change in child's life by helping provide nutrition kit,Hygiene kit and health kit,childhood development and education - all for less than $1 (Rs.50) a day.Start improving a child's life today.

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Donate Us

Since GAP depends largely on private funding for its financing your contributionreally does make a difference.Any donation - However small is truly welcome.

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